Bathroom lighting: specific LED technologies

A bathroom needs specific technical solutions that do not fear vapors, water and humidity. Versatile solutions that give the possibility to choose powerful or delicate lighting, depending on the time of day.

A hot shower in a lighted and relaxing light environment is a moment of well-being everyone should enjoy to start their day.

LEDs do not heat, aren’t affected by humidity and are the ideal solution for your bathroom lighting.

Illuminazione bagno

Functionality and elegance: our bathroom proposals

The general artificial lighting of the room must be soft and white, similar to the natural one. To achieve this effect we recommend wall lamps and ceiling lights.
Do not underestimate the indirect lights, projected against ceilings and walls. Our A907 are recessed spotlights with directional light, which can be inserted in plasterboard walls, perfect for “playing” with direct and indirect light. They also allow you to create special atmospheres by playing on brightness and tonality.
For focused lighting, our mirrors are 100% Made in Italy and completely customizable. An elegant and practical solution to illuminate with style and effectiveness.
Light up your bathroom the right way, contact us now to find out about our offers

illuminazione bagno