Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is the soul of your home. It’s the room where you share, taste and prepare your dishes.
Who uses a kitchen knows it well: the right light is fundamental!
Proper lighting makes the kitchen a comfortable environment where cooking becomes a pleasure and creates harmony in the room.

To each area its own lighting

To promote the functionality of your kitchen in every area – from the hob to the sink – we can intervene with a wide range of solutions: lights grafted into the wall units, retractable, in suspended ceilings or suspended.
Our aluminium LED profiles for furniture are simple to install, useful and functional. They are proposed in different types: flat profiles for wall units and under-cabinet units, corner profiles for corner mounting and recessed profiles, for minimal aesthetic impact.

Illuminazione cucina
Illuminazione cucina

For work tables where excellent and directional light is required, we offer our innovative LED cylinder “CILINDRO”, a Made in Italy elegant high quality solution.

Our LED strips enhance the area in which you are working, eliminating the annoying shadows by normal lamps.

For the islands we recommend suspended or ceiling luminaires, which guarantee a uniform and immediate light.

In this image we used invisible recessed products for false ceilings. Simple to install, once assembled they become an integral part of the plasterboard. The ideal solution for STYLISH LIGHTING.