Lighting for hotels, restaurants and bars

The electricity consumption of hotels, bars and restaurants is inevitably high: it is estimated that lighting accounts for approximately 10 % of their total  needs.

For this reason, in recent years, hotel and restaurant owners have chosen to switch to LEDs to contain costs in terms of consumption and maintenance and have the guarantee of a longer life with almost zero heat production.

Reliability and expertise by your side

Hotels require a very wide and varied range of services. Led4Led comes as the sole partner for hoteliers; able to provide solutions to all the lighting problems that may arise in the design or renovation of a hotel.
We assist the customer in the choice of materials without limiting ourselves to the catalogue proposals but evaluating together a wide range of alternative solutions of our production.
A project studied in detail allows us not only to meet the needs of the customers, but also to guarantee significant savings on the materials to be used which is a fundamental issue for reception facilities with large volumes.

illuminazione per hotel

The solution that is convenient

It is essential for hotels and restaurants to install systems to regulate light. We recommend brightness sensors and presence detectors to adjust the light according to real needs.


In addition to savings, these systems allow you to program multiple lighting scenarios, to limit consumption and enhance rooms in their different uses. It will be very important to vary the intensity and tone of the light during the different times of the year.

illuminazione hotel