Wellness lighting: wellness centers, swimming pools, spas

Wellness lighting: the Led4Led proposals for wellness centers, swimming pools, relax areas.
In wellness, light is not just part of the architecture but it’s a component of the customers’ experience. In this sector, LED is an integral part of the commercial offer thanks to colour therapy, a therapeutic method that uses chromatic vibrations to restore the body’s energy balance.

The right light for every environment

Illuminazione wellness

To illuminate a wellness center we recommend LED spotlights to focus the light on the details. Thanks to the wide range of colors available, LED is the right technology to design lighting for spas and wellness centers. Led4Led focuses more on quality than quantity: a limited quantity of LUXs positioned in the right way are perfect for orientation and relax.
For the relax areas we suggest soft and indirect lighting to avoid any kind of glare. The best are completely dimmable warm lights. On request we can use dynamic light systems, in order to adjust the light tones.
Our RGB LED lighting system is essential in saunas and Turkish baths. Playing with light and obtaining indirect light we guarantee visual comfort.

For the pools the lighting will be totally IP68. Upon customer’s request we can install RBG color-changing and RGB + W systems to have white light available as well.
In the massage rooms: indirect or filtered light, warm and low intensity is required to put the customer at ease. We recommend the use of a dimmer in order to choose the most suitable atmosphere.
In the corridors the lights will have to orient the customer without dazzling him. For this situation we recommend our path lights. Another solution is soft and indirect decorative lights.