Lighting for offices and work places

Office lighting

Office lighting requires careful evaluation. A clear and stimulating light keeps the employees alert even in the early hours of the day, with a significant increase in productivity.
When designing a work environment, glare should be considered carefully, which usually occurs when excessive levels of luminance are present within the visual field and consequently cause discomfort.

Illuminazione per ufficio

A specific lighting means maximum efficiency and dynamism

Discover how to optimize your work place with lighting systems designed specifically for offices. Our goal is to make your office a more comfortable place, offering an answer to any problem related to this type of environment. Diffused light, directional light or accent lighting: we have the best solution for every need.
To control the glare phenomenon, our 60×60 office panels use the UGR parameter.

In addition to offering specific solutions for artificial light, we constantly pay attention to natural light, which is essential to guarantee a feeling of comfort and well-being. We work by combining the two lights together, both for better lighting distribution and for energy consumption issues.
The right temperature of the lights enhances the color of the objects: the color shades to be preferred are warm or neutral, between 3000 and 4000 K.

Flickering should not be underestimated, to avoid the negative effects on vision or the outbreak of pathologies on the most sensitive subjects. We have plenty of choices for the offices: many types of pendant and wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. We will look for the best solution with you to ensure excellent visibility and avoid any areas of shade. Also for offices we suggest presence sensors to reduce energy consumption.