Living room lighting: Led4Led solutions

The living room is the meeting room, the conversation room and the main relax area of your home. It communicates our social status and our personality, it collects our interests and passions.

The lighting of your living room must enhance comfort, valorizing the furnishings, sofas, paintings and furnishing components without interfering with television screens. The correct lighting means giving value to all the shapes of the room.

illuminazione soggiorno

Your ideas, our experience

Every living room needs tailor-made solutions. We build the project together, listening to your needs and your personal tastes.

We specialize in lighting modern and classic living rooms. We design the lighting of your home with and without chandeliers, from wall lights to led spotlights and chandeliers. We offer the best solutions available on the market with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. On request we can install dynamic lighting systems, to manage both the brightness and the light tone, to create natural sensations.

Smart solutions, maximum efficiency

The living room is one of the most experienced rooms in your home and every moment requires a different intensity of light. Being able to adjust the light source means to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion. Our system of dimmable lights responds to this specific need, making the room bright or cosy, satisfying your needs in a practical and flexible way.
Each area needs specific lighting. For the sofa we suggest a solution from the ground while for the entrance the ideal is a support lamp.