Lighting for museums and churches

Lighting for museums and churches requires special attention.

One of the advantages of LED lighting is the ability to bring out the beauty of the art that surrounds us.

Works of art must be simple to look at and must be appreciated, light must succeed in making the artwork unforgettable.

Our main objective is to give added value to the works of art, limiting the emission of polluting materials and reducing light pollution. Using shapers we can illuminate, customize and enhance the artwork of the customer.

illuminazione per musei e chiese

Art under the best light

In addition to reducing pollution, LED technology makes it possible to use smaller luminaires and to use low voltage systems. Moreover LEDs do not ruin the artworks with direct light and allow to use temperatures ranging from 3000K up to 5000K.

For the lighting of museums and churches we have plenty of spotlights of all powers, perfect for every type of situation. Our luminaires are equipped with a zoom mechanism and a series of lenses, easy to install and simple to adjust, perfect for modeling the light beam.

Our devices do not emit harmful UV rays nor infrared rays: this is because the LED is an electronic component that turns on immediately. In addition to being more energy-efficient, it has a longer life and is more sustainable; key features for churches and museums which require continuous light for many hours.
The use of filters is not necessary even for the most delicate artworks.

We use a lot of spotlights and wallwashers, flexible tools to present art successfully.
We aim to achieve a precise distribution of light to preserve the art but also to reduce energy consumption.